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Jordan Belfort MP3 Versions Weekly Intensive Training Sept ’18 to April ’19

Jordan Belfort Weekly Intensive (Sep 18 – Apr 19) – MP3 Versions
[34 MP3]

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I had a few requests for MP3 versions of the training.

I don’t normal convert and just grab the files as is, but thanks to the miracle of Jaksta Converter it’s actually pretty simple to use. For those Mac users out there, you should check out Jaksta Converter and Recorder. Great tools. The converter lets you batch dozens or even 100s of file conversions at a time. Not as great a conversion or granular control as Handbreak, but easy for multipe files.

In any case…

Jordan Belfort Weekly Video Intensive Training Sept ’18 to April ’19 [34 MP4]

These are the videos for all the Episodes from September 2018 (when the program started) through the end of April 2019.
This is the weekly intensive training only…. Not the daily motivations

Episode Date Title
Episode 1 09/01/18 Handling objections
Episode 2 09/15/18 Communicating Effectively
Episode 3 09/22/18 Influencing People
Episode 4 09/29/18 Sales Presentation
Episode 5 10/06/18 Emotional and Logical Certainty
Episode 6 10/13/18 Returning Customers
Episode 7 10/17/18 Looping
Episode 8 10/20/18 Body Language
Episode 9 11/03/18 Mastering Your State
Episode 10 11/10/18 Art of Storytelling
Episode 11 11/24/18 Visions and Beliefs
Episode 12 12/01/18 Practical Application of SLS
Episode 13 12/07/18 Straight Line Success and Wealth Index
Episode 14 12/15/18 Materializing Your Vision
Episode 15 12/22/18 Goal Setting
Episode 16 01/12/19 Straight Line Prospecting
Episode 17 01/05/19 What SLS Provides
Episode 18 01/19/19 Tonality
Episode 19 01/26/19 How To Overcome objections
Episode 20 01/31/19 Looping: All Roads Lead to Looping
Episode 21 02/09/19 How do you Structure Your Sales Cycle
Episode 22 02/16/19 Entrepreneurship: How to Fail Elegantly
Episode 23 02/23/19 Raising Venture Capital
Episode 24 03/02/19 The Overarching Equations of the Straight Line System
Episode 25 03/09/19 Lead Generation & FB Funnels
Episode 26 03/16/19 Getting Past the Gate Keeper
Episode 27 03/23/19 Jordan Deconstructs His Own Sale
Episode 28 03/31/19 How Jordan Invented the Straight Line System
Episode 29 04/06/19 The Straight Line System Part 2
Episode 30 04/13/19 There is More to The Straight Line
Episode 31 04/20/19 Managing The Flow of The Straight Line
Episode 32 04/27/19 The Pursuit of Imperfection

The Weekly Intensive…
Your average daily closing rate (expect a significant bump, in the first 2 weeks alone)
Your average sale-size (right out the gate)
The average number of referrals you get (you’ll create a steady stream of them)
Your average monthly commission check (you’ll become a top producer in your industry)

Every minute of every training consists of only that: training. There is no fluff, no fillers, no annoying ads, and you NEVER get sold to at the end. These trainings are powerful; they’re directed; and they’ve been designed to get you both immediate and lasting results.

There is no need to worry if you can’t attend a particular training. Once you subscribe, you’ll be granted access to our member’s area where you can watch all of JB’s past trainings in HD, including the extended Q&A sessions.

Everyone deserves to reap the massive financial benefits that come from learning the Straight Line System—no matter how challenging your current financial situation is. At $19.95 per month, not only is this program the deal of the century but it’s also affordable to everyone.

In the 1990s, Jordan Belfort built the most dynamic and successful sales organization in Wall Street history. During that time, he soared to the highest financial heights, earning over $50 million a year, a feat that coined him the name “The Wolf of Wall Street.” He’s acted as a consultant to more than fifty public companies and has been written about in virtually every major newspaper and magazine, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The London Times, The Herald Tribune, Le Monde, Corriere della Serra, Forbes, Business Week, Paris Match and Rolling Stone.


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