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Joseph Romm – Language Intelligence: Lessons on persuasion from Jesus, Shakespeare, Lincoln, and Lady Gaga

Language Intelligence
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Hey guys, this is the first in a series of argument/rhetoric books and courses that I hope to upload. To the layman, rhetoric is an ambiguous term for political falsehoods. To its students, it is an all encompassing system of persuasion with topics ranging from creating an argument, to the stylistic “figures of speech” used to deliver them with impact and eloquence.

In learning rhetorical, you’ll begin to watch political speeches, sales scripts, etc and see the underlying matrix of moves behind them. The art and science of persuasion is not a new thing, rather, it has been around for thousands of years. It works, and it works well. Politicians know rhetoric. Religious leaders know rhetoric (hell, the bible is a masterclass in it). The great speakers and writers all throughout history know rhetoric.

Learn it not just to learn how to persuade and create an argument, learn it to become a better citizen of the world. Learn it so that you don’t get manipulated by those who know it. Rhetoric is a subject worth knowing, and as someone who has studied it to a fair extent, this book (Language Intelligence) is an excellent introduction to show you some underlying themes, techniques, and rhetorical moves.



Book description taken from Amazon:

Joseph Romm, one of Rolling Stone magazine’s top “100 Agents of Change,” has focused his talents on helping us all to increase our Language Intelligence and to better understand the art of persuasion.

Romm demonstrates that you don’t have to be an expert to vastly improve your ability to communicate. He has pulled together the secrets of the greatest communicators in history to show how you can apply these tools to your writing, speaking, blogging — even your Tweeting. The book also looks at the language intelligence of President Obama and Governor Romney.

Nothing could be more relevant in 2012 as Americans prepare to make vital choices in the upcoming elections. Language Intelligence not only will prepare you to be a much more memorable and persuasive communicator, it will also help you to understand the tricks of the trade used — and misused — by candidates on the stump.

With a few easily digestible and memorable concepts, Language Intelligence also offers readers an indispensible roadmap for today’s political and pop culture landscape. “For anyone who seeks to understand why Lady Gaga’s music has become a global phenomena or how to avoid ‘Etch-a-Sketch’ moments, this book is for you,” said Romm.


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