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Justin Devonshire – 7 Day Challenge

[8 Videos(MP4)+ 6 Worksheets (PDF)]

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Vault Exclusive-ish…Cause it’s still freely available to the public.   Just not ripped for your convenience.

Justin Devonshire – 7 Day Challenge

This is a pre-sell for Justin’s 6 Figure Speaker System…

GB request is here:

This is ain’t about speaking for a living to make money.

This is all a marketing lead generation system to help you get to 6 figure and beyond in record time. .


People have literally made $20K just from this 7 day challenge.

Think about that for a moment.  

It sounds cliche but this guy is on the level.  

Absolutely brilliant.  

Watch the videos.  You’ll see what I mean.

He even covers how to develop a $1k signature course in Day 3. A  phenomenal simple approach.  

Frankly, this free course is better than $1K courses I’ve come across.  And that’s the free stuff.  

This material is so impressive, I’ll be offering several bonuses and Staff has even reached out to me to make The IPA Consulting Manual available as a bonus to drum up more pledges.

Here’s the GB request for his complete speak system:

Links for the challenge if you’d like to save ratio.  

If you’re not into speaking live…guess what.  This EASILY translates into webinars or content marketing if you’re creative.  This is powerful stuff.  


Day One: Seminar Marketing Basics

Day Two: Choose Your Event Type

Day Three: Create Your Signature Package…

Day Four: Craft Your Talk…

Day Five: Registration & Confirmation Set up…

Day Six: Engagement Automator Funnel…

Day Seven: Facebook Ads

Sales Page:None.  Offer Expire

Available to everyone right away.  

PLEASE check out the GB Request located here:  



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