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Keith Ferrazzi – Never Eat Alone

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From the Publisher
Do you want to get ahead in life?

Climb the ladder to personal success?

The secret, master networker Keith Ferrazzi claims, is in reaching out to other people. As Ferrazzi discovered early in life, what distinguishes highly successful people from everyone else is the way they use the power of relationships-so that everyone wins.

In Never Eat Alone, Ferrazzi lays out the specific steps-and inner mindset-he uses to reach out to connect with the thousands of colleagues, friends, and associates on his Rolodex, people he has helped and who have helped him.

The son of a small-town steelworker and a cleaning lady, Ferrazzi first used his remarkable ability to connect with others to pave the way to a scholarship at Yale, a Harvard MBA, and several top executive posts. Not yet out of his thirties, he developed a network of relationships that stretched from Washington’s corridors of power to Hollywood’s A-list, leading to him being named one of Crain’s 40 Under 40 and selected as a Global Leader for Tomorrow by the Davos World Economic Forum.

Ferrazzi’s form of connecting to the world around him is based on generosity, helping friends connect with other friends. Ferrazzi distinguishes genuine relationship-building from the crude, desperate glad-handling usually associated with “networking.” He then distills his system of reaching out to people into practical, proven principles. Among them:

Don’t keep score: It’s never simply about getting what you want. It’s about getting what you want and making sure that the people who are important to you get what they want, too.

“Ping” constantly: The Ins and Outs of reaching out to those in your circle of contacts all the time-not just when you need something.

Never eat alone: The dynamics of status are the same whether you’re working at a corporation or attending a society event- “invisibility” is a fate worse than failure.

In the course of the book, Ferrazzi outlines the timeless strategies shared by the world’s most connected individuals, from Katherine Graham to Bill Clinton, Vernon Jordan to the Dalai Lama.

Chock full of specific advice on handling rejection, getting past gatekeepers, becoming a “conference commando,” and more, Never Eat Alone is destined to take its place alongside How to Win Friends and Influence People as an inspirational classic.

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In Never Eat Alone, marketing and sales consultant Keith Ferrazzi lays out the specific steps, and inner mind-set, that he uses to connect with thousands of colleagues, friends and associates.

The secret to accomplishing personal career objectives, Ferrazzi tells us, can be found in reaching out to other people. What distinguishes highly successful people from everyone else is the way they use the power of relationships so that everyone wins.

Ferrazzi’s advice is based on generosity and helping friends connect to other friends and he offers specific tips on handling rejection, getting past the gatekeepers, becoming a “conference commando,” and building and broadcasting your personal brand.

Reaching out to people is a way to make a difference in their lives as well as a way to explore, learn and enrich your own, Ferrazzi explains. Building a web of relationships isn’t the only thing you need to be successful. But building a career, and a life, with the help and support of friends, family and associates has many virtues.

The Mind-Set
Knowing what you want will inform you how to build relationships to achieve your goals. The author makes two recommendations:

  • Put your goals on paper. Write down what you want to achieve in 10 years, three years, one year, and 60 days to work backward from great visions to the specific steps you must start taking immediately to get there.
  • Think about who can help you achieve those goals. Write both the names of people and types of people you need to know for your success. Now, there are two questions you ask and answer for each of your target contacts: How can you reach them? And what can you offer them, or how can you contribute to their success, too?

    The Skill Set
    Ferrazzi outlines the skill set that is needed to build relationships:

  • Do your homework. Before you meet someone new, get information about that person. The more knowledge you have, the easier it will be to connect, bond and impress.
  • Take names. Maintain an electronic record of all the people you know and add to it whenever you meet new people or whenever you learn about people you want to meet.
  • Warm up the cold call. Think of meeting new people as a challenge and an opportunity. Find a mutual friend to introduce you. Show you know their problems and that you have solutions. Talk a little and say a lot. Offer a compromise. Ask for more than you want at first, so you can later settle for something that’s still desirable.
  • Manage the gatekeeper artfully. Make the gatekeepers your allies.
  • Never eat alone. Invisibility is far worse than failure.
  • Share your passions. Get involved in activities you enjoy and causes you believe in, and invite others to join you.
  • Follow up or fail. Give yourself 12-24 hours to follow up. Focus on what you might be able to do for them.
  • Be a Conference Commando. Know your targets ahead of time, strike early, work the breaks, skip the small talk as quickly as possible, and remember that you’re there to meet the attendees, not the speakers.
  • Connect with connectors. Super-connectors such as restaurateurs, headhunters, politicians and journalists should be the cornerstones of any flourishing network.
  • Expand your circle. A great method for expanding your circle is sharing networks with a friend.
  • The Art of Small Talk. We all have what it takes to charm everyone around us. But having it and knowing how to work it- that’s the difference between going though life in the shadows and commanding center stage. Charm is simply a matter of being yourself. Your uniqueness is your power.

    Ferrazzi tells us there’s never been a better time to reach out and connect than right now. The more everyone becomes connected to everyone else, the quicker and smoother our ascent toward our goals will be. Creativity begets more creativity, money begets more money, knowledge begets more knowledge, and success begets even more success.

    Ferrazzi concludes, “Just remember: You can’t get there alone. We’re all in this together.”
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