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Ken Evoy and Carol Ann Dorn – Make Your Price Sell

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Ken Evoy and Carol Ann Dorn – Make Your Price Sell: Know your perfect price
120 pages

“Got a new product? How do you price it?
Do you…
• Evaluate product features and customer benefits?
• Mark up x% over your cost of production?
• Undercut competitors’ prices?
• Ask key (friendly) customers?
• Get feedback from salespeople?
• Weigh typical customers’ “disposable income”?
• Solicit advice from consultants or business associates?
Most companies stir all their soft data
into their magic pricing cauldron
and somehow magically come up with
“the number.””

“But what does that number mean, really?
How do you know it’s the perfect price…
the number that’s going to maximize your profit?
The answer is… you don’t. Until now.”


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