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Ken Strong – Wealth Building Emails

Ken Strong – Wealth Building Email Templates
[25 Autoresponder templates (TXT)]

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Jumpstart Your Sales With This Set of 25 Pre-Written Autoresponder Templates

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No longer do you have to spend hours in front of your computer, stressing yourself out trying to come up with good email copy for your product…

The work is already done for you — all for a fraction of the price of one professionally-written email…

Whether you’re just getting started online or you’re a well-established Internet Infopreneur, you know the importance of creating a customer list and keeping in touch with them.

Sending regular emails requires a lot of content, which means either a lot of money spent to hire a copywriter to write them, or a lot of your time and energy spent writing them yourself.

The Wealth-Building Email templates save you time, money, and energy — things that are usually in short supply when you’re in the frenzy of getting your product ready for launch. These templates eliminate at least one of your headaches and takes a load off your shoulders and mind.

That’s right, a complete set of 25 email templates that you can grab, mix, and match to create that cash-sucking customer-magnetizing autoresponder series.

All the work has been done for you — just add your
name and your product and you’re ready to go!

No longer do you need to stay up for days at a time, drinking cases of Red Bull and consuming pots of coffee through your IV drip while you foam at the mouth, scream at the cat, and throw monitor after monitor through the window while you wait for your muse to sober up long enough to guide you through at least one friggin’ email so I can say I at least got something done today and go to bed.

This set of 25 email templates was written by a professional copywriter with years of experience writing laser-targeted sales copy, squeeze pages, and autoresponders.

Listen to what some top marketers have to say about his writing:

“Hey Ken, thanks for the squeeze page: nice work, it looks brilliant! I really like the emails, too, they’re absolutely fantastic! Thanks again for a great job well done.”

— Kenny Thompson Oboh, co-creator, Day Job Killer and Project Black Mask


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