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Kevin Blackburn – Online Arbitrage Mastery 2019

Kevin Blackburn – Online Arbitrage Mastery 2019
[214 Videos (TS) + 2 Documents (TXT)]

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Description Exclusive!! Share Elsewhere & You Will Be Banned.

Sales Page:

This is an update to a previous upload we already have on BizLearning:

90% of the course was redone and updated in 2019. There is some overlap with the previous upload. If you already have the previous version, you can skip the ’04 Mastery Workshops’ folder to save ratio. It is included in this upload for completeness.

This course is mainly Amazon UK focused Online Arbitrage, but the principles can be applied anywhere.

The course creator is a guy from UK who professionally trained to be an engineer but gave up his job to work fulltime online doing this model in 2016. He has developed systems and strategies to outsource everything and the Online Artbitrage course covers how to do this really well.

This course is highly recommended and is an Exclusive donation to BizLearning. Enjoy!!

High Level Overview of The Course:


01 First Sales & Scaling Up
–1 Introduction
–2 Requirements
–3 Organisation
–4 Tools
–5 Sourcing Profitable Products
–6 Assignment
–7 Shipping to Amazon FBA
–8 Seller Central Management
–9 Scaling and Growth

02 Building your Business
–1 Preparation
–2 Hiring Staff
–3 Virtual Team Member
–4 Virtual Team Leader
–5 Virtual Team Manager
–6 Warehouse Management
–7 Advanced Strategies
–8 Business Management
–9 Financial Management

03 Business Consultations

04 Mastery Workshops
–1 Why Q1 Is The Best Time Of The Year
–2 Design Your Key Performance Indicators
–3 Putting Motivation Into Business Documentation
–4 Superstars In Business
–5 Mastering Task Management – Optimising Business Systems
–6 Quantum Leaps In Online Arbitrage – Pushing The Limits
–7 Master Sourcing Strategies -Part 1
–8 Master Sourcing Strategies -Part 2
–9 Product Processing Optimisation
-10 Q4 & Wholesale Chat With Andy Lawrence
-11 Maximising Profit & Minimising Time
-12 Ending The Year Strong
-13 The ONE THING That Changes It All

05 Success Interviews

06 Masterclass Sessions

07 Resources

08 Business Systemisation Mastery
–1 Business Management
–2 Operations Management

09 Bonuses

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