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Kevin Hagerty – Day Trading Course

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Kevin Hagerty – Day Trading Course (66 pages, 14 Mb)
(A five weeks course on day trading)
        You Can Learn :
        –  Day Trading Defined
           *  Maximum % of profitable trades
           *  Maximum profit per trade
           *  Small Losses
           *  Multiple Trades
        –  Stock Selection
           *  Portopolio adjusting
           *  General filters
           *  Specific filters
        –  Illiquid OTC Stocks
           *  Liquid big cap stocks
           *  Short selling risks
           *  Individual vs institutions
           *  Order flow charts
           *  Trade entries
        –  Spotting Momentum Changes
           *  Swing points
           *  Intraday pattern
        –  Margin
           *  Financial commitment
           *  Maximum loss per trade
           *  Conservative plan
           *  Day traders’ equation
           *  Managing a winning trade

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