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Khang Le – $200K/mo Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling Seller Scripts Course

Wholesale to millions
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In Khang’s latest videos he is saying that for course purchasers, he will continue to record and make available calls with Sellers.  So there may be more items available beyond the list posted in his initial release video.
Go to 1:40 in this video:

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$495.00 Just released.  No refund No return.

Khang runs the youtube channel Wholesale To Millions and has just released his first product. He appears to be a real and successful practitioner and NOT a product pusher.  Gives a lot of information on his videos.
The script for talking with Sellers, what to say and how to say it, is the real value he is offering.

Video of the product release:

The link for purchase as it appears in the above video page:  Note the url is NOT plural!
The video on this page is the same youtube video above.


Wholesale To Millions
Published on Apr 10, 2018

So many of you have ask about course or mentor program, so I have put together this package for you guys. I believed this is exactly what  you needed to start locking deal under contract. The MOST important thing I think about Wholesaling, especially doing it Virtually, is Being able to talk to seller. Knowing what to say, what question to ask to get them to drop their price and how to handle their objection, giving them the peace of mind and trust to do business with ya. Not know what to say can scare your potential seller away. Cause once they felt that uncertain, or can’t be trusted then they will not sign that contract to sell their property. This is exactly how I talk to seller and exactly what we use to train our VA/purchase manager to lock property under contract Virtually. Our employees do not have any real estate experience or knowledge but by following the script they can now lock property under contract without me doing it. It just like If I was talking to the seller.

Here is what included in “My Amazing Seller script” For Virtual Wholesaling Houses Package Deal.

Click the link Below to BUY it today.

Addendum Between You & Seller Form
Addendum Between You & Seller Video
U & End Buyer Addendum Form
Addendum Between You & End Buyer Video
Inbound Seller script Video
OutBound Offer SELLER script Form
Outbound Offer script Video
Purchase and Sale contract (Between U & Seller) Form
Purchase and Sale Contract between You & Seller Video
Double Closing (Between U & End Buyer) Buyer Pay For All Closing Cost
Double Closing Contract (P&S)-Each Parties Pay For Their Own Closing Cost
P&S Double Closing Contract Video
Live Call With Seller #1
Live Call With Seller #2
AVR/Rehab Calculator Video

It is a NO REFUND, NO EXchange Purchase.

Hi my name is Khang Le,

My wife and I are both High School Drop Out. Lived in a shack behind a Mobi home park for 5 years before discovering Real Estate.  I created this Channel to share with YOU everything I have learn about Wholesaling Real Estate so that YOU can duplicated and create your own Financial Freedom.

Showing you how to tie properties under contract at a discount price and then Assign that contract over to another Buyer and make a LARGE PROFIT!! Without actually buying the property. You don’t need lots of money or good credit or any construction

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