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Kim Krause Schwalm – Ultimate Copywriting Bundle

Kim Krause Schwalm – Ultimate Copywriting Bundle
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Kim Krause Schwalm – Ultimate Copywriting Bundle


This is the complete Kim Krause training:
– Los Angeles Breakthrough Copywriting Boot Camp Intensive
– 3 Rs Retainer, Royalties, Recurring Revenue Virtual Program
– Buy Em All Complete Swipe File
– 2018 The Complete Collection Copy Insiders ebook
– The_A-List_Copywriters_Manifesto
– Kim Krause Schwalm Interview with Ken McCarthy

Besides Kim’s copywriting materials, this GB will also provide us with access to 2 Ben Settle’s new and updated products. Do note that these are physical books and I will need time for it to reach me and for me to scan them.


1. “Copy Slacker 2.0” book:

This 800+ page physical book is my newly
updated and “augmented” Copy Slacker
system I will be re-launching (it is not for
sale yet) to the public in May. After it is
launched, it will retail for $724.00.
But, it’s yours free, if you buy Kim’s offer
…with my affiliate link below.

2. “Email Client Horde” book:

And this is the newly updated and augmented
version of my “Email Client Machine” product,
slimmed down into a 293-page book that
shows how even new copywriters can get a
horde of hungry clients descending upon you,
demanding to hire you.
It won’t launch until probably June to the public.
And, after it does, it will retail for $610.00.

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