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Kimra Luna – The Challenge Launch Method With Irresistible Freebies (Compressed)

Kimra Luna – The Challenge Launch Method And Irresistible Freebies
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Whether you’re just starting out online and need to build your email list fast or are looking for a way to build anticipation ahead of your next launch, I know that pulling off a successful challenge launch might seem intimidating:

You have a million and one things you want to teach but no idea how to streamline your content into bite-sized daily challenges that actually make sense.

You’re worried all the time you’ve spent creating kick-ass content will be for nothing because you don’t feel confident getting the word out about the challenge.

You’ve seen loads of other people in your niche hosting challenges and you’re convinced that no one will sign up for yours as a result.

Between emails, social media posts and live-streams, you’re overwhelmed with all the moving pieces that go into making a challenge really successful.

Hosting the free challenge sounds like a breeze; it’s pitching the product, program or service at the end of it that you’re most worried about.

This could be exactly how your next launch unfolds when you implement what you’ll learn in

The Challenge Launch Method!

The Challenge Launch Method is an 8-lesson, step-by-step, watch-over-my-shoulder course for anyone who wants to learn a foolproof method that will skyrocket the sales of their products, programs and services.


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