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Koen Pauwels – It’s Not the Size of the Data — It’s How You Use It: Smarter Marketing with Analytics and Dashboards

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Brand tracking, CRM programs, trade shows, online behavior tracking, satisfaction studies. Mounds of marketing metrics are generated across touchpoints and channels. It can be information overload–too much, too scattered. But locked in the vast quantity of information are accurate, data-driven answers to every marketing question. Analytic dashboards are transformative web-based tools that gather, synthesize, and visually display essential data in real time, directly connecting marketing with performance.

World renowned marketing expert Koen Pauwels supplies a simple yet rigorous methodology and wealth of case studies to help any size organization, in any industry, turn data into productive action. He explains step by step how to:

  • Gain crucial IT support
  • Build a rock-solid database
  • Select key leading performance indicators
  • Design the optimal dashboard layout

    Use marketing analytics to improve decisions and reap rewards
    Gut decisions are outdated and downright dangerous. Whether you’re trying to allocate resources between online and offline marketing, measure the ROI of specific efforts, or scale up a creative campaign, dashboard analytics bring scientific precision and insight to marketing efforts–with far better results.

    From the Inside Flap

    In a world of seemingly infinite marketing possibilities but limited resources, are you sure you know where it’s best to focus your efforts? Can you clearly establish your marketing ROI? Is the promise of big data delivering the answers you need?

    Most people would emphatically say “No.” Old-school marketers cling to their instincts, while others struggle to find meaning in reams of isolated numbers. Even people using reporting dash-boards or balanced scorecards find it impossible to connect marketing activities to performance, or generate “what-if” insights.

    Marketing analytics dashboards are the new standard-bearers of data-driven, accountability-focused marketing. These web-based tools collect key marketing metrics scattered across the company and visually display them as real-time graphs, tables, heat maps, and more. They provide actionable insights from the voluminous information collected through brand tracking, CRM programs, trade shows, online behavior tracking, satisfaction studies, and other touchpoints and channels. It’s Not the Size of the Data–It’s How You Use It walks you through the entire process of designing and implementing a marketing analytics dashboard in any organization, in any industry.

    With its rigorous methodology, step-by-step instructions, and abundant examples (Google, Heineken, Hilton, Vanguard, Unisys, and more), this practical guide explains how to:

  • Gain crucial IT support.
  • Build a rock-solid database.
  • Select key leading performance indicators.
  • Integrate online and social media metrics.
  • Design the optimal dashboard layout.
  • Create a culture that values marketing accountability.

    And more.

    Whatever challenge you’re facing–customer and market data management, online search optimization, product innovation and launch, international budget allocation, integration of social and traditional media–a marketing analytics dashboard can help you accurately track and monitor performance. It will link money spent to results achieved, project the size and timing of profits from various spending scenarios, and pinpoint strategies to grow revenues or cut costs. With the help of this book, your new dashboard will bring the competitive edge of clarity and reliability to every immediate and long-term marketing decision.

    Koen Pauwels is an internationally-renowned educator, consultant, and researcher on marketing performance. He is the winner of numerous prestigious awards, including the 2010 Google WPP Research Award; author of dozens of published papers; and chief academic advisor of the Marketing Productivity Group. After receiving his Ph.D. from UCLA, he got tenure at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business before becoming a professor at Ozyegin University in Istanbul, Turkey.

    From the Back Cover

    Drowning in marketing data? Marketing analytics dashboards to the rescue! These transformative web-based tools gather, synthesize, and visually display essential data in real time, directly connecting marketing with performance. Whether your organization is a small startup or a multinational giant, this comprehensive guide explains how to design and implement a targeted analytics dashboard that improves your decisions and your profits.

    Advance Praise for It’s Not the Size of the Data, It’s How You Use It

    “Provides a lucid and non-intimidating overview of marketing analytics. A must-have for any manager who is looking to use data and dashboards to drive strategic decision-making.” — Aninyda Ghose, Professor of Marketing, Co-Director of the Center for Business Analytics, New York University

    “Big data in marketing is about looking for patterns in emotional behavior. This book teaches how to do that”– Stan van den Broek, Shopper Insights Manager, SCA Hygiene Products

    “Improved marketing infrastructure is the next area for major strides in improvement. Those that do so first will achieve a competitive advantage that will last for years. This step-by-step methodology, supported by a wealth of case studies, will help marketers achieve the next rung of success for their companies.” — Guy R. Powell, President of ProRelevant Marketing Solutions, and author of Marketing Calculator

    “The demand for actionable marketing analytics is self-evident in this age of big data and marketing accountability. This book is unique.” — Dominique M. Hanssens, Bud Knapp Distinguished Professor of Marketing, UCLA

    “Provides an applicable, evidence-based methodology for establishing which variables an organization should be following to improve its performance. This book will make you think and then help you act, an unusual combination.” — John Roberts, Professor of Marketing, the Australian National University and London Business School


    “Pauwels takes the reader into the world of big data and marketing dashboards….illustrates in an easy understandable manner how any company can improve performances using marketing dashboards…” –Christian Reiners blog

    “…provides a wealth of information about managing and leveraging data…Essential and a must-read.” –One Cause at a Time

    About the Author

    KOEN PAUWELS is an award-winning professor, consultant, and expert on the topic of marketing ROI. After receiving his Ph.D. at UCLA, he taught at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business before joining Ozyegin University.

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