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L.W. de Laurence – The Master key System

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This is less common version of The Master Key, i have read Charles Haanel and found this one to be more practical and in my humble opinion is much easier to study and do the exercises.
The master Key is what paved the way for writers such as Napoleon Hill, and even Napoleon gives thanks to the Master Key and what he learned from it.

From the Back Cover
Having financial difficulties? Afflicted with chronic stage fright? Suffering from a bad memory? Perhaps your difficulties are due to a lack of mental discipline. If so, this is the book you’ve been seeking. Filled with practical advice and exercises that will improve your mind control, L.W. de Laurence’s The Master Key, first published in 1914, unlocks the door to the mysteries they tried to keep secret from you for centuries.
Learn how concentrated thought will “unfold (your) individuality to the full.”

About the Author
American writer and publisher LAURON WILLIAM DE LAURENCE (1868-1936) was a prolific author of works on spiritualism and the occult. His other works include The Great Book of Hindu Magic (1904), The Mystic Test Book of the Hindu Occult Chambers (1909) and Clairvoyance, Thought Transference, Auto Trance, and Spiritualism (1916).


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