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Lars Tvede – The Psychology of Finance

Lars Tvede – The Psychology of Finance
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Lars Tvede – The Psychology of Finance (Original 1990 Edition)

What will the price of dollars be tomorrow? How will the stock market behave in the next few months? Is oil going to rise? Price movements have always fascinated investors and economists, but analyses of economic trends explain only a part of the phenomenon. According to the author, some of the mechanisms creating these movements are rational and intelligent, others are ridiculous and absurd. The Psychology of Finance deals with the aspects of stock trading which are usually shrouded in mystery. It offers new and startling insights into the psychology of the market, how the market’s behavioral patterns arise, and how we can learn to read them. Among the questions discussed are the occurrence of feedback loops and chaos phenomena; the development and destruction of financial liquidity; attitude mechanisms and how they influence decisions and price patterns; and how and why collective panic can develop.

About the Author

Lars Tvede is a Danish citizen who has lived in Switzerland for several decades now. He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in International Commerce, and he is also a certified derivatives trader from National Futures Association in Chicago.

He spent 11 years in portfolio management and investment banking before moving to the high-tech and telecommunications industries in the mid-1990s, where he was a co-founder of several technology companies, which have won various international awards, including the Red Herring Global 100 Award, the Bully Award and the Wall Street Europe Innovation Award. He is also founder of Beluga, a successful financial trading company, advisor to a Swiss hedge fund and strategic partner in the Nordic-American venture capital fund Nordic Eye.


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