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Laurent Bernut – QuantInsti – Systematic Short Selling Course

Short Selling in Trading
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Laurent Bernut – QuantInsti – Systematic Short Selling Course…


If the markets are failing, can you profit from them? Learn when to sell your stocks and also when to exit the position during a market fall or correction. Learn from traders with decades of market experience to create various trading strategies using short selling approach.

Skills Covered:
Long Short Portfolio
   ★  Relative Series
   ★  Crossover Model
   ★  Breakout Model
   ★  Floor and Ceiling
   ★  Stop Loss and Position Sizing

Underlying Math
   ★  Returns
   ★  Exponential Moving Average
   ★  Girt Ratio
   ★  Gain to Pain Ratio
   ★  Standard Deviation

Python programming
   ★  Pandas
   ★  NumPy
   ★  DateTime
   ★  Data Importing
   ★  Data Visualization

It is expected that you have some financial markets experience and understand terms like sell, buy, entry, exit positions. If you want to be able to code strategies in Python, then skills to store, visualise and manage data using Pandas and Dataframe are required. These skills are covered in our course ‘Python for Trading’. However, you can do this course without any Python knowledge and replicate the models in spreadsheets or any other trading software language you are comfortable with.

After this course you’ll be able to
   ★  Code and backtest long short portfolio strategy.
   ★  Calculate the expected returns of an asset.
   ★  Build a screener to monitor different stocks.
   ★  Explain the relative series and use it to compare different stocks.
   ★  Define different models such as momentum, breakout, swings and floor and ceiling.
   ★  Evaluate portfolio performance using different metrics such as gain to pain ratio, girt ratio.

About author
Laurent Bernut, Founder & CEO of ASC, has worked in the alternative investment space at Fidelity Investments, Rockhampton, and Ward Ferry. At Fidelity, his mandate as a dedicated short seller was to underperform the longest bear market in modern history: Japan equities. Laurent’s research to generate alpha in the alternative space has been built on his expertise in universally tested systematic trading process.


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