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Lawrence Bernstein – ‘Made You Look’ and ‘Breakthrough Copywriting Templates’ –

Copywriting – Made You Look

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Lawrence Bernstein – ‘Made You Look’ and ‘Breakthrough Copywriting Templates’


“Made You Look: 527 Email Subject Lines That Dare You to Look Away”
including bonus “Breakthrough Copywriting Templates”

This from the download page:

You’ve made a great decision by investing in this collection
of email subject lines “that dare you to look away.”

“Made You Look” is 57 pages in length and stuffed with 527
irresistible email subject lines. You’ll find that reading
this collection will help you craft the kind of subject lines
that force high open rates.

Most subscribers have found the BEST WAY to extract all the
benefits from this collection is to print it out and spiral-
bind it or 3-hole punch it, so you can highlight and make
comments as you’re struck by ideas.

So who is Lawrence Bernstein?
The self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Direct Response Archivist”

…and a pretty good IM Copywriter.

He gets most of his stuff from the public domain (a bit like
us!!) and re-hashes it.
However, there’s LOADS of value in the way he does it – just a
regular guy – well worth being on his list (another dude is
Nick Usborne, btw).

Here’s Bernstein’s greatest reference (from what I can gather).
It’s pretty whacky stuff – a kind of timemachine back to the future.

Swipe away!



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