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Lawrence Bernstein – Ultimate Online Swipe File Ads

[301 Ads (PDF)]

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Lawrence Bernstein – Ultimate Online Swipe Files Ads
301 ads

dmfiend seems to be having some trouble uploading the research files to the program.
I’ll let him upload those and I won’t upload them.

However, here are the 301 ads Lawrence makes available in the program.

They are publicly available when you go through the research and know how to look for them as per what dmfiend is uploading. The ‘how to’ find these ads.

In the meantime though while you wait, here are 301 ads/swipes/swipe file by the best there is and best there ever was in copywriting.

Ads included:
Real Estate ads
Financial ads
Seminar ads
Ads by Bud Weckesser, David Ogilvy, Jay Abraham, Eugene Schwartz, Gary Bencivenga, John Caples, Gary Halbert, Julius Haldeman, Joe Karbo, Mel Martin, Joe Sugarman, Maxwell Sackheim, Victor Schwab, Ted Nicholas…

Endorsed by Gary Bencivenga and a slew of other copywriters.

P.S. Forgot to add the 4 Jay Abraham ads that were included with this upload. They can be found here:


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