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Lawrence Mcdonald – The Bear Traps Report Sample Issue

Lawrence Mcdonald – The Bear Traps Report Sample Issue [1 eBook (PDF)].pdf
[1 eBook (PDF)]

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As seen weekly on CNBC
Investment Research Publication
Your partner in New York, Washington, Beijing, Brussels and Latin America managing Political & Systemic Risk in the 21st century
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Financial Advisors, Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Portfolio Managers, Trade Desks and Retail Investors all use THE BEAR TRAPS REPORT to manage global political risk


I am an avid reader of Bear Traps, it’s a must read”

Niall Ferguson, Senior Fellow, the Hoover Institution

The Bear Traps Report provides a unique look at risk management, a value added perspective across all asset classes.”

Rene J Canezin, Harvard Management Company

I’ve learned quite a lot over the past year and especially during this turbulent time in the past weeks your publications have helped a lot. My portfolio is up by a good portion but what is more important to me is that I have learned so much and your work has done much more in that process than you can imagine.”

Max Plate, Plate Active Equity

One of the most comprehensive perspectives, a look across all asset classes. It gives us a 20,000 foot view of global risk coming at us from markets, Bear Traps is excellent.”

Omeir Jilani, National Bank of Abu Dhabi

With the overload sell-side research it’s easy to sort through the noise using Bear Traps. It gives me conviction when speaking to my clients about the macroeconomic landscape and how we’ve positioned their portfolios.”

Shiraz Ahmed, Raymond James

I worked with Larry at Lehman and he is both a very good person and a talented trader. The Bear Traps Report is a stand out among its research peers”

Bobby Dziedziech, Managing Director Jefferies International Limited
I don’t touch the markets without a long phone call with Larry (Bear Traps founder). He might very well be a market genius.”

J Madejski, Founder, Auto-Trader

The Bear Traps report is the most concise, advanced research platform we’ve seen. It puts global market risks into perspective – every week. Our confidence investing clients’ capital is enhanced meaningfully with them in my corner.”

Jack Corbett, Morgan Stanley

Larry McDonald and his team have been advising me for over 20 years. The 21 Lehman Risk Indicators have been very accurate at calling market declines over the last couple of years. I highly recommend his research to any institutional investor.”

Jim Rappaport, CEO, New Boston Fund

Larry McDonald give the keynote speech at our financial advisor risk summit. Bear Traps provides a unique overview of global political risks, which are moving markets like never before.”

Robert Behan, President, Calamos Investments


Since 2007, 68% of stock market returns are tied to political events”

Morgan Stanley

The Bear Traps report is a weekly independent Investment Research Publication focusing on global political and systemic risk with actionable trade ideas. The service is tailored for asset managers, hedge funds, financial advisors, traders and more. Our report allows investors to spend a lot less time diving through research reports. We strive to get to the meat of what is moving markets.

Along with actionable trade ideas, we provide clients with a timely, first-hand look at global political market moving events. Our teams on the ground in New York, Toronto, Washington, Puerto Rico, Brussels, Dublin, Rio (Brazil) and Beijing (China) bring you closer to what is moving markets.

Since 2008, it’s becoming ever more clear that politics is edging out economics as the key driver of markets”

As governments and central banks drive markets, we turn these policy decisions into actionable trade ideas for clients around the world.

Credit and political risks have a lot more impact on central bank policy decisions than economic data. Today, there is nothing more important than staying on top of global political systemic risk, these factors are moving markets like never before.

Our independent investment research stems from an elite team of analysts and strategists with real trading floor experience. Bear Traps was founded by Lawrence McDonald, he has spent 30 years working on Wall Street. He was formerly a senior distressed debt trader at Lehman Brothers and was part of the team that made $2 billion betting against the U.S housing market.

The Bear Traps Report delivers clients a unique approach measuring political policy risk and opportunities, investor sentiment – positioning and capitulation. Capital gains are found by discounting the obvious and being there for the unexpected.
Lawrence McDonald

The Bear Traps trading ideas are centered around macro market moving events. Ideas stem from former Wall Street traders, and using a 7 factor model we score and rank stocks, ETF’s and sectors for the perfect opportunity to deploy capital.

The report will give you a complete view of the global markets, where to spot opportunities, and how to avoid risk. The letter is unique and unbiased, unlike any other research on Wall Street.

This enables our subscribers to spend more time on business development by having access to our analysts’ expert opinions and a more in-depth reach of political market moving events around the globe. Getting ahead of systemic risk coming at us from Asia, Europe and Latin America will help clients avoid substantial losses and generate above average returns.

Looking at the current market landscape, political factors are more important than macro economic issues.
Billionaire, Ray Dalio – January 2018


Subprime Crisis 2007
Lehman, Bear Sterns & Fannie & Freddie 2008
Grexit Risk 2010
Debt Ceiling 2013
Russia 2014
Central Bank Divergence 2015
Asia 2016
Brexit 2016
Turkey Coup 2016
Elections 2016


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