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Leigh Stevens – Essential Technical Analysis

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Leigh Stevens, the well-known columnist for, walks readers through the basics of technical analysis. A thoroughly accessible guide to the increasingly popular stock-trading technique of technical analysis-reading price charts-this book highlights the essential components of technical analysis, which can help investors lock in profits in any market. He covers the fundamentals and shows investors how simple visual tools can help them identify future trends. Full of tips, tools, and techniques that have been consistently accurate over the years, this is the ideal introduction to technical analysis.

This beginner’s technical analysis book contains tips, tools and techniques for any market condition. Technical analyst and CNBC affiliate Leigh Stevens clearly and concisely explains this popular investment technique so that readers may spot market trends and lock in profits. The book walks readers through the basics of technical analysis and should familiarize them with the process so they can begin using this technique as they continue to trade.

Contents of Essential Technical Analysis

1. Introduction and Rationale to the Technical Approach
2. Our Trading or Investing Game Plan
3. Charles Dow and the Underling Principles of Market Behavior
4. Price and Volume Basics: Chart Types and Price Scales
5. Concepts of Trend & Retracements and Constructuring Trendlines
6. Recognition and Analysis of Chart Patterns
7. Technical Indicators
8. Confirmation and Divergence
9. Specialized Forms of Analysis and Trading
10. Putting It All Together


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