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Liam Austin – Cold Email Success Summit (21 MP4, 21 PDF)

Entrepreneurs HQ – Cold Email Success Summit

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Entrepreneurs HQ presents: Cold Email Success Summit

20+ proven entrepreneurs reveal how to generate leads, convert sales and profit from cold email

This Special Event Will Show You

  • How to increase your email reply rate
  • How to send personalized emails that get read
  • The best cold email templates proven to work
  • Winning approaches to crafting cold email
  • The best tools for a higher ROI
  • A system to automate your email outreach
  • How to measure and track your cold email results
  • Identify and collect your top prospect’s email


  • Aaron Ross – A method of finding your perfect customer and approaching them with a refined message-min
  • Alex Berman – The 3 anatomies of cold emails that are personalized for industry and niche-min
  • Arvell Craig – Sell without a hidden agenda with the -all cheese and no whiskers- strategy-min
  • Cathy Patalas – A lean approach to bulk-emailing that will re-vitalize your prospects gone cold-min
  • Damian Thompson – Why the difference between offer, offering, and CTA is crucial for solving your prospects problem-min
  • Dave Schneider – How to attract the attention of highly qualified prospects with this long-term strategy-min
  • Deb Calvert – How to understand the Effort equals Opportunity equation that’ll save you 10+ hours a week-min
  • Dmitry Dragilev – How to focus on personalization and research to get a 50% response rate-min
  • Jake Jorgovan – How to generate up to 20 qualified leads per month using Linkedin prospecting-min
  • Jeff Molander – How to earn more responses and set more qualified meetings, in less time, using communication habits that apply mental triggers-min
  • John Barrows – Key steps to finding and contacting your ultimate buyer to drive high quality meetings-min
  • Jon Buchan – Ignore the rules of traditional email composition and be human, honest and funny-min
  • Josh Braun – A giving, value-based mentality in your cold emails to help prospects kick more ass-min
  • Matthew Bellows – A data-backed approach to increase your response rates and get introduced to the correct person-min
  • Mike Lieberman – How to make purpose-driven cold email an integral part of your overall marketing strategy-min
  • Mike Taber – A survey method using cold emails to separate and warm up your best prospects-min
  • Rod Sloane – How to use your ideal client profile to triple your appointments and double your sales pipeline-min
  • Ryan O’Donnell – Write drunk, edit sober- Creative experiments-min
  • Sapph Li – Attract and reignite prospects gone cold using proven sales follow-up email templates-min
  • Steli Efti – The 1 2 3 email hack that removes friction and can increase response rates by 457%-min
  • Wendy Weiss – How to combine voice with your cold email campaigns to build trust and 3x your response rate-min

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