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Lynda – Creating a Keynote Presentation

Lynda – Creating a Keynote Presentation
[13 Videos (MP4) + 1 Worksheet (PDF)]

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Author: Lynda
Title: Creating a Keynote Presentation
Format: 13 Videos (MP4) + 1 Worksheet (PDF)
Category: ABCs / Basics

The keynote is a special speech. As the cornerstone of an event,
these talks tend to be longer than traditional speeches, more
entertaining than strictly educational, and delivered to large
audiences. If you’ve been asked to deliver a keynote, then this
course can help by showing you how to plot out and deliver a
lively, impactful presentation that drives your message home. Join
Todd Dewett as he spells out how to structure your keynote, craft a
compelling story, use emotions to enhance your overall
message, and prepare to deliver on the day of the event.

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