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Lynda – Repairing Your Reputation with Lida Citroën

Lynda – Repairing Your Reputation
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Repairing Your Reputation
30m 26s Appropriate for all Jun 16, 2016
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We’ve all made mistakes. But a bad reputation can damage your career. Whether it’s from a public faux pas, legal troubles, sabotage, or rumors, the damage can have long-lasting effects on your ability to work. Take control of the situation and learn how to repair a negative reputation. Get a 3-step process to evaluate the damage, create a plan, and respond with focus. These techniques are ones that Lida Citroën uses at her reputation management firm, LIDA360, to help her own clients bounce back from bad press and regain their good name.

Let’s face it, we’ve all made mistakes. Maybe you made some bad choices in how you grew your company. Perhaps you stepped on some people as you climbed to corporate ladder. Or possibly you’re the recipient of a lot of anger online, and you chose to ignore it instead of respond. Many professionals have what I call a damaged reputation. They’re made mistakes, or they’ve been on the receiving end of some really negative perception, and their careers are suffering. Well some people respond to this with anger, while others ignore it.

Neither response is actually correct, or sustainable. Hi, my name is Lida Citroen, and I’m the founder of Lida 360, a reputation management firm. Reputation is how others assign you value, and yours needs to be intact. So if you have a damaged personal brand, we need to fix it. In this course I will give you the insights and the tools for evaluating the damage, creating a plan, and responding with focus, repairing your reputation over time.

We’re gonna look at how reputations get formed, and what can happen if you’re not careful, and the impact and opportunity of social media, or online reputation management. I’ll show you how to assess impact, and create a game plan to get your good name back. So if your reputation has taken a ding, or two, it might take more than a few weeks to get back on track, but rest assured you can regain a relevant and compelling personal brand. I’ll show you how.



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