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Macro Ops – Intro to Global Macro Investing

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Intro to Global Macro Investing
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Finally A Gateway To Global Macro

Global macro analysis even allowed us to trade alternative currencies like Bitcoin, where our recent position in the Bitcoin ETF GBTC earned over 100%.

When we say global macro will let you go anywhere and trade anything, we mean it. There’s always a trend somewhere, and learning this framework will help you find and exploit it.

Below is a full table of contents of exactly what you’ll learn in our intro global macro course:


Lecture 1 – Jesse Livermore – The Father Of Macro
Learn about the first trader to unlock the power of global macro. He made 100 million dollars during the Great Depression!

Lecture 2 – George Soros – The Palindrome
George Soros is one of the most successful investors and traders who ever lived. He pocketed a billion dollars in one day from shorting the British pound.

Lecture 3 – Paul Tudor Jones – The Rockstar
Paul Tudor Jones is a billionaire legend who has yet to have a losing year in the markets. Find out what he believes are the most important concepts for a trader to know.

Lecture 4 – Ray Dalio – The Most Successful Hedge Fund Manager Of All Time
Ray Dalio focuses exclusively on global macro fundamentals. Learn how the most successful investor of all time has impacted investment theory. He’s completely changed the way people think about macroeconomics.


Lecture 5 – Scalability – Global Macro Has No Limits
Before committing to an investment approach, you want to be sure it’s worth your time. Learn why global macro has the ability to grow and scale along with your trading account.

Lecture 6 – Resilience – Trial By Fire
In this lecture we take a deep dive into the history of markets, trends, and psychology. You’ll see how global macro profits from psychological and economic cycles observed since the beginning of time. By the end, you’ll understand why this is such a robust trading strategy.


Lecture 7 – Bruce Lee style Trading – The Form That Is No Form
Global macro involves taking all types of trades in all types of markets. This isn’t just a long equity strategy. With your mind “rewired” for a go-anywhere, trade anything method, you’ll be able to capitalize on any trend around the world, long or short.

Lecture 8 – Diworseification – Concentration And Leverage Are Your Friends
Contrary to conventional wisdom, global macro investing actually thrives off the concentration of positions. Learn why diversifying in global macro is your worst enemy.

Lecture 9 – Macro Mindset – Exploiting Big Themes For Huge Gains
Part of thinking like a global macro trader involves finding themes in the market. When you start looking for themes instead of single one-off events, you’ll start finding huge trends.

Lecture 10 – Trade It Don’t Date It – Cut The Losers
In order to succeed with this strategy, you must learn to cut trades that go against you. You’re doomed without the “trade it don’t date it” mindset.

Lecture 11 – The Marcus Trifecta – A Global Macro Analytical framework
This lecture introduces the nuts and bolts of global macro analysis. You will learn the three areas of analysis that global macro investors use to find attractive trades.


Lecture 12 – The Folly Of Traditional Economics
Most of the economic theory that schools teach is not rooted in reality. Learn why models from academia fail in real world markets and why we need to follow the models created by actual profitable traders.  

Lecture 13 – The Transactions Model – A Superior Approach
This lecture will introduce you to Ray Dalio’s transactions model. This model is a more accurate example of how economies work. Understanding it is the key to gaining a solid grasp of macro fundamentals.

Lecture 14 – The Single Most Important Macro Fundamental – Liquidity
If you don’t understand liquidity, you can’t succeed in global macro. Learn why liquidity is the most important macro fundamental.

Lecture 15 – Central Banks – Liquidity Controllers
Central banks are extremely important because they control liquidity in the financial system. Because of their power, we need to understand their motivations and how they operate. You will develop a basic understanding of these institutions after watching this lecture.


Lecture 16 – The Importance Of Price Charts
Price charts are incredibly important to global macro traders. Without them, you’re trading “blind”. This lecture will teach you how and why we use price charts in this strategy.

Lecture 17 – Determining The Long Term Trend
Determining the long term trend will keep you from getting run over in the markets. By the end of this lecture you’ll be able to easily identify the long term trend in any market with one simple technical input.

Lecture 18 – Classical Technical Analysis
Global macro traders use classical technical analysis to spot ideal chart patterns. Learn the basics behind how to identify simple and robust price patterns that will give you specific entry and exit parameters.

Lecture 19 – Timeframes – Avoid Blue Collar Despair
Day trading, although glorified by many, is the “blue collar” approach to trading and investing. Learn how to correctly calibrate time frames on a chart to make the market work for you.


Lecture 20 – Positioning – Know What Others Are Doing
Learn to discover how the most influential traders are positioned in the market. You will explore COT reports and 13F filings in this lecture.

Lecture 21 – Public Opinion And News
Figure out how to analyze the reaction to the news, rather than the news itself.


Lecture 22 – Short Japanese Yen – How Soros Made Over A Billion Dollars In 2013
This lecture showcases one of our featured billionaires, George Soros, using global macro analysis to spot one of the biggest trends of 2013. He pocketed around a billion dollars on this one trade.

Lecture 23 – Short Crude Oil – How I (Tyler) Netted My Firm Thousands in 2014
You get to see exactly how I found and executed the crude oil short that netted my firm thousands in profits.

Lecture 24 – China’s 2015 Margin Fueled Bull Market – A Gambler’s Paradise
This lecture shows how global macro analysis would lead you into one of the hottest bull market trends of 2015.


Lecture 25 – Closing Remarks – Long Live Global Macro!
A review of everything taught in the Intro to Global Macro Investing Course.

And as an added bonus, you’ll also get our exclusive Global Macro ETF Guide. Don’t trade currencies or futures? No problem. This guide will show you how to replicate a majority of these positions through ETFs. Nowadays there are ETFs for everything. There’s no reason you can’t be using them to ride trends from around the globe.

Finishing this introductory course will arm you with the tools you need to start profiting from the biggest trends around the world. Imagine a few months from now you’re tuned into the US dollar while understanding its effect on commodities and emerging markets. You see its strength and can clearly predict what will happen next.


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