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Marisa Murgatroyd – Start With You

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Start With You
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Start With You is a 6-week business planning program that gives you the crystal-clear vision and plan for how to turn your unique gifts, talents and personality into your dream business.

You’ll discover how to:

   – Identify what you’re really meant to do in the world and who specifically you’re meant to serve
   – Create 3 compelling ways to express exactly what you do with clarity and confidence
   – Pinpoint the exact next steps to move the needle in your business every day, week, and month moving forward — while feeling truly fulfilled
   – Be the superhero to your tribe
   – Change the world from wherever you want to be in the world
   – Truly live your message
   – And much more!

Here’s what’s included in this 6-week online training experience… so you can easily get started today:
The Core Program

6 training modules that guide you step-by-step through Marisa’s proven process for discovering your True North Business idea.

You’ll get access to our professionally produced training videos, delivered in bite-sized chunks for easy viewing. Here’s what our journey looks like:

Module 1: Rocket Fuel. Bringing your dream business to life is going to take a massive amount of consistent action. And let’s face it – that takes energy. We’ll lay the foundation for your massive transformation over the next six weeks by lighting a gigantic fuse — 3, actually — to keep you engaged, fired up and in motion toward your goals. Not only will you embrace all you need to do with enthusiasm, you’ll have more fun, more energy … and even look and feel years younger.

Module 2: Massive Action. As soon as you start stepping into your new entrepreneur identity and building your dream business, you’ll realize how vital it is to stay in action. Doubt and fear are a normal part of the process. But you can’t let these emotions paralyze you; you need to get into action anyway. Discover proven success strategies to keep yourself moving forward no matter what — and begin building a habit of massive daily action.

Module 3: Your Hidden Treasure. Put on your detective hat! This week, we’re looking for the clues that will lead us straight to your True North business. Everything in your life has prepared you PERFECTLY to create the business you most want. You’ll discover how the design of your life has led you to the specific industry and audience you’re most inspired to serve… and you’ll tap into a deep well of purpose that inspires genuine motivation to move forward.

Module 4: Identity Upgrade. Your Superpower is what will guide you to your True North Business. We’ll uncover the hidden strengths and skill you may not realize you have … identify the kryptonite that zaps your energy and destroys your momentum … and explore how to turn your Superpower into a profitable business. We’ll “upgrade your programming” to clearly and fully see your potential as an entrepreneur and understand how you are uniquely designed to serve.

Module 5: Finding True North. This is where everything comes together and your True North Business emerges from the fog. Your True North Business is the perfect intersection of what the world needs, what you’re good at, what you love, and what you can profit from. Once you find your True North, you’ll know exactly what path to take and what to do next, and you’ll be able to block out distractions and naysayers, moving from fear into confidence and action.

Module 6: The “Go” Switch. You’ll wrap up by crafting a detailed action plan to turn your business from an idea into a profitable reality. Imagine the peace and certainty of knowing exactly what actions you need to take and when – and how much you’ll accomplish when you’re free to take action ONLY on the highest priority items for YOU, right now.


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