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Mark Douglas – The Dynamics of a Traders Mindset

Mark Douglas – The Dynamics of a Traders Mindset
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The Dynamics of a Trader’s Mindset

Author: Mark Douglas
Running Time: 90 minutes
Workbook Length: 5 pages

In this presentation, Mark Douglas explains the dynamics of the trader’s “mindset” at a very fundamental level. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of how you must first learn to think like a trader before you can fully utilize your technical or analytical abilities.

You must not only understand certain basic trading principles, but also keep that understanding at a functional level in your mental environment. In order to trade successfully, these principles of trading must become part of the core of your personal psychological makeup.

The very nature of trading confronts us with contradictions and paradoxes which make it difficult to grasp the necessary mindset for consistent success. Many traders assume, “If I can find the right trading system or learn enough about the markets’ behavior, the mental part of trading (lack of confidence, discipline or focus) takes care of itself.” This may appear logical but, in fact, could not be further from the truth.

Better analysis can’t compensate for the kind of errors, losses, missed opportunities or money left on the table which result from too little confidence, discipline or focus, because the markets present us with too many variables. More often than not, more analysis only makes these problems worse.

The most successful traders have attained a “trader’s mindset” — a unique set of attitudes which allows them to transcend the typical errors and fears that plague everyone else. In this workshop, Mark elaborates on these attitudes. He draws upon his vast experience to explore with you the qualities and characteristics of a unique market mindset — an absolute prerequisite to producing consistent results as a trader.

About The Author

Mark Douglas

Mark Douglas is president of Trading Behavior Dynamics, Inc., a Chicago-based consulting firm that helps traders around the world (individuals, CTAs, and brokerage firms) master the psychological discipline necessary to trade successfully. Mark leads seminars, counsels individual traders, and consults with financial trading organizations. He is a frequent speaker for TAG in Europe and the Far East as well as the annual TAG conference in the United States. Mark’s first book, the critically acclaimed bestseller, The Disciplined Trader, is based upon his personal trading experiences. It is hailed as the most provocative and stimulating work on trading psychology published in the last decade. Mark has recently completed his new book, Trading in the Zone: How to Create a State of Mind That Eliminates the Fear, Stress and Anxiety from Your Trading.


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