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Mark Frank – The Webmaster Business Master Course

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Mark Frank – The Webmaster Business Master Course: Build your own webmastering business while building your clients’ business
61 pages

“The Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course was written for Webmasters who
are ready to stop dreaming and start building a home-based Web site design

Perhaps you are presently employed full-time/part-time in the field. Or perhaps
you design sites for relatives, friends or associates as a favor in your spare time.
It doesn’t matter. You already know, based on current and past experiences,
that consumer demand for Webmaster services is substantial and that it’s not
about to evaporate anytime soon. You are definitely not embarking on a highrisk
business proposition.

The Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course will get your business rolling in
the right direction. It gives an insider’s view into some of the variables involved in
setting up a business, creating a contract, working with clients, and other
important operational aspects. This Course will help you avoid common
problems and mistakes, the kind that cost you time and money.

Please note… The Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course won’t teach you
how to design Web sites or help you layout pages or show you any cute HTML
tricks. You must already have that under control or you wouldn’t be getting ready
to hang out your business shingle.

The Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course will, however, help you establish
your business on solid footing and position yourself as a successful independent


A quick overview of the Course will answer your question…

Chapter 2 – The First Steps
Start off on the right track. Use the guideline provided to develop a business
plan that will keep you on the path to success.

Chapter 3 — Web Site Marketing Secrets
The focus in this chapter is on niches. You will also discover some marketing
secrets that will change the way you look at Web sites.

Chapter 4 — Designing for Success
Get the most of your design time and learn about some very effective tools for
creating the kind of results your clients will love.

Chapter 5 — Attracting Clients
No clients… no business. Effective advertising is the key to pulling in contracts.

Chapter 6 — Dealing with Clients
Your “people skills” are just as important as your design skills. Use
communication tools and techniques that will help you build a positive
relationship with clients.

Chapter 7 — The Legal Stuff… Proposals and Contracts
A Webmaster business is built upon contracts. A good proposal can make the
difference between working and not working.”


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