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Mark Joyner – eXtreme Business Makeover *DVD 1*

[1 DVD (Rip)]

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Mark Joyner – eXtreme Business Makeover *DVD 1*

This is the first DVD of Mark Joyner’s eXtreme Business Makeover program (I don’t have the other ones though, this was given to all Nitro Marketing customers I believe)


Entrepreneurs &  Small Business Owners:

Triple Your Profits.

“Mark Joyner, who is widely called the ‘Godfather’ of online marketing, told us he’d pay us $10,000 if he didn’t triple our profits. Read on to find out what happened and discover the fluke miracle that allowed us to pass that same outrageous guarantee on to you.”
-Matt & Kevin, Nitro Marketing

“Who’s Next For A Profit Tripling Extreme Business Makeover From The ‘Godfather’ Of Online Marketing?”

DVD #1

* The 3 critical elements in the planning process and how you can use them in your own planning meetings. (See 00:00:47)

* Most Desired End State – how to establish it to drive the process from start to finish. (See 00:01:30)

* The difference between strategy and tactics. 99% of business people still don’t understand what these words really mean. You will after you watch this. (See 00:08:41)

* The “20 Random Word Method” and how it can revolutionize the way you approach problems and opportunities. (See 00:19:09)

* The Great Formula (See 00:23:35)

* The Irresistible Offer (See 00:34:15)

* What makes the “TIO touchstone” work like magic? (See 00:31:44)

* The Law of Primacy — and why it isn’t always true. (See 00:35:41)



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