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Marketingsherpa – 2013 Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report

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Hi my friends,

After a long period of absence caused by a new consulting business I launched, I’m back with a great Report from Marketingsherpa. As the related group buy was proposed but not yet organized, we’ll save a $445 ticket.

This material is very actionable. I used it to optimize a campaign. As always this kind of data comes with no analysis whatsoever. I’ve found the guys from Marketingsherpa/Meclabs very stupid in terms of building paradigms from the data they gather. This is actually the case in the whole world of A/B testing and Conversion Rate Optimization.

A lot of people ask why this kind of market data could be useful and how it can be used. Well, you can do the regular and boring way by putting the slides as proofs or illustrations in you videos or commercial material.

You can also extract the juice from the data and use it to feed your campaign documentation. Don’t follow the advices given by marketing service companies when they say it’s fine to start from best practices and analytics data you’ve compiled. It’s a big nonsense except if you sell your products to robots that came from outer space to colonize us.

So here is my advice to you. Instead start with the old school WWWHW line. The essential part of your job during the whole process of creating your campaign is to never stop wondering if you are triggering interest and the right emotions. Otherwise you will allow frictions to appear in the road to your customer money. Remember how some teachers were boring to death. You didn’t learn anything whatever the interest you had in the subject.

Once you’ve build the skeleton fill the muscles with your style (you need to build your persona here if you don’t already have one). The more you think about reducing frictions the more solid the joints and tendons of the campaign’s body.

In the very last step, optimize it with the pertinent best practices. At this point you may be forced to re-organize the content, or to remove or add parts.

For instance from this benchmark report you’ll see that marketers are willing to pay more and more for marketing tools and services not because there are willing to make even more money but because they are just ignorant on how to understand the data they gather from sales, social network, feedback etc. You will also learn that they never think about ROI because they simply don’t know how to understand this foreign language.

So if you want to sell a service to marketer you have to sell them time and ease of use instead of selling them power and ROI. You already know it if you’ve read stuff about customer psychology.

I personally always build and integrate math formulas in my dashboards to meet the ROI I want and I also use analytics to predict my customer behaviour in order to fragment the customer list into group. This is why I find it funny and outrageous to see companies like Optimizely or Hubspot selling shit to marketers. They make you believe that A/B testing has to be done with samples during the campaign while hiding you the fact that A/B testing has to be conditioned to the analysis of they are actually alchemists looking like scientists. They sell you pills while you can just avoid to be ill.

Marketers are blind because their service providers are either stupid and smart enough to keep marketers in the dark and make them pay again and again the ACN -the world largest con artists – way.

Companies like Hubspot, purlem, leadpages and most SEO and analytics services profit from ignorance in order to rent expensive services that can actually be built from free software.

If you know me you already know how I advocate for ethics because it’s easier to make long term money and build authority if you are honest.

Well, enjoy the report…


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