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Marketmotive Email Marketing Certification Course

Marketmotive Email Marketing Certification Course
[15 Videos (AVI) 8 Study Guides (PDF) 9 Course Descriptions (TXT)]

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Email marketing has the power to nurture relationships with prospects and loyal customers at all stages of the buying cycle. In this course, Matt Bailey walks through proven strategies for creating an email program.

From building lists, to crafting emails, to avoiding spam filters, and all the way to generating conversions and sales, learn to build an email marketing program that moves prospects toward a purchase and keeps loyal customers coming back.

Every Market Motive Certification Course is made up of multiple modules with streaming video lessons; multiple workbooks with recommended exercises; online progress quizzes to test your knowledge; and a final online test to earn your Certification.

Training Modules

Introduction to Email Marketing
Email as Conversation
Creating the Email
Landing Pages
The Mailing List
Spam and Blacklists
Working with Email Service Providers (ESPs)
Email Metrics & Measurement


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