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Matthew Lesko – Free Money and Help for Women Entrepreneurs

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986 Pages, Over 5,000 Government Sources Of Grants, Loans, Venture Capital, Management, Technical Assistance and Marketing Help. 66% of new businesses are started by women and women have a 75% greater chance of success in business ownership!
$30,000 To Start A Business In A Small Town
$250,000 To Start A Day Care Center
$15,000 For Entrepreneurs With Disabilities
Money For Women To Start A Business When They’re Out of Work
Money, Training and Child Care When Starting A Business
Free Seminars On How To Sell Your Product Overseas
One Page Applications That Can Get You $100,000
Start Your Business And Don’t Pay Taxes For 15 Years
20,000 Free Experts Who Will Increase Your Profits
Over $1 Billion To Work On Inventions and New Ideas
$75,000 If You’re Hurt By Imports
$25,000 To Send Your Employees To Computer Classes
$10,000 For 10-Year-Old Girls To Start A Business
Free Mailing List of Customers
$100,000 To Develop A New Product
$15,000 For Single Moms To Get Into The Real Estate Business
Over 500,000 women a year are starting their own business. It’s time for you to break through the glass ceiling and get paid for what you are worth, make your mark and control your time to spend it how you like.


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