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Max Van Collenburg | Chatbot Basics Course – Learn How To Create Messenger Bots Without Coding Knowledge

MVC-Chatbot Basics
[32 videos (MP4) + 41 images (JPG,PNG) + 23 documents (XLS,WEBLOC,PDF)]

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This is a great course by Max Van Collenburg
Although the tool he uses to create the bots is ManyChat, the principles and workflows can be applied to any bot creation program, website or FB messenger.

If you find value in this, please consider joining the GroupBuy for the advanced course.
Examine the screenshots included with this product, you will see many more flows and resources available with the advanced course.

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Learn How To Create Messenger Bots Without Coding Knowledge
Why should you buy Chatbot Basics?

Step-By-Step Instructions
+18 Video Trainings to learn Messenger Marketing & to create Messenger Bots.
Every training has notes, examples and downloads.

Feedback & Support
You get access to the Chatbot Mastermind Group.
Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and digital marketers.

Save A Lot of Time
+12 Example Flows to give you a solid start with building your Messenger Bot.
Stop trying to figure it out yourself. You’ll learn lots of strategies that work & get inspiration for your business.

Engage Potential Customers
Messenger Bots boosts better engagement than email, social media and direct marketing.
Higher Engagement means more sales.

The Newest Strategies
Messenger Marketing is evolving fast. You’ll get access to brand new strategies as the course is updated regularly.
Chatbot Mastermind where we’ll brainstorm & discover new strategies.

Build Your List
You get every Growth Tool explained in detail so you can start generating leads.

What do you exactly get?

+18 Video Trainings
The training videos have notes, to-do lists (so you can take action), Examples Flows that you can import with two clicks and change to your own needs and some additional resources.

I’ve put a lot of effort into creating a clear, practical, and detailed course for you.

+12 Beginner Flows
I really want you to get the most out of the Chatbot Basics Course. That’s why I’ve created +12 Flows Examples which you can import with two clicks & change to your own needs.

Some examples:
• 24H Safety Guard
• Unsubscribing
• How are you?
• Group Invitation
• Follow Me
• Smart Email Captures
• Remind me in 4 hours
• A/B Test
• Receiving Payments

And more..

More info:

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