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Mendelsohn – Trend Forecasting with Technical Analysis

Mendelsohn – Trend Forecasting with Technical Analysis [PDF]

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Description of Trend Forecasting With Technical Analysis

Market Techniques that worked in the last century won’t work in the current one. Now, Louis Mendelsohn’s groundbreaking book takes technical analysis to the next level-giving today’s traders all the tools needed to make more winning trades-more often. Mendelsohn presents a comprehensive approach-combining technical and intermarket analysis into one powerful framework for accurately forecasting trends. You’ll also discover:

   * Precise trading strategies that can be used by both day traders and position traders
   * The limitations of traditional technical analysis methods
   * How to use moving averages as a leading-not lagging-indicator by the application of neural networks to intermarket analysis.

Contents of Trend Forecasting With Technical Analysis

1. Trading in the Global Economy
2. Single-Market Analysis
3. Intermarket Analysis
4. Today’s Markets have Changed
5. Vantagepoint Forecasts Market Direction
6. Neural Networks
7. The Next Horizon
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Reviews of Trend Forecasting With Technical Analysis

‘Since I was the one who first described intermarket principles 10 years ago, I feel indebted to Mendelsohn for proving that those ideas do, in fact, work and can be profitably applied to the financial markets.’ – John Murphy, President,


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