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Mentorbird – Youtube Mastery 2019 – Grow from 0 to 5 MILLION

Mentorbird – Youtube Mastery 2019
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Mentorbird – Youtube Mastery 2019
Learn how to make $60k per month on Youtube with sponsorships alone
Hooman reveals his strategies to get from 0 to 5 MILLION Subscribers

HoomanTV is one of the most popular Youtubers in the world with over 5M Subscribers and more than  A BILLION views on the platform. On top of that, he’s making mid 5-figures per month from sponsorships alone. You very rarely get there without knowing exactly what you’re doing and Hooman is full of knowledge and insights.

Whether you’re a fan of his content or not, I believe most of us can learn a lot from him as far as what makes people click and how to collaborate with brands. It doesn’t matter how great your message is, if you don’t have people’s attention first, no one will care about you. Even if you’re the best Instagram expert, the best personal trainer, yoga teacher, artist, you NEED to learn how to attract people’s attention. Hooman’s videos dominate the first pages on some very competitive keyword. I’ve seen many of his strategies being applied in completely different industries and they work like a charm.

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