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Mequoda – Creating Landing Pages that Sell (Special Report) – PDF

Mequoda – Creating Landing Pages that Sell

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Mequoda – Creating Landing Pages that Sell

Most people arrive at a website and within less than 10 seconds can determine whether it’s clean, professional and worth their time. Your landing page delivers the first impression. It’s usually the most important page on your site. It needs to be a fast, effective messenger.

With a quick glance, visitors to your site should know exactly what your site is all about or what your business does. Determine what image and message you want the customer to “get” in those first few seconds, and design your landing page toward that objective. Anything that distracts from the central message or image you wish to project should be eliminated.

The Mequoda online marketing experts have developed 12 guidelines for optimizing landing pages that support getting the order.

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