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Michael E Gerber – E-Myth Mastery

[6 CDs (MP3)]

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E-Myth Mastery CD : The Seven Essential Disciplines for Building a World-Class Company [ABRIDGED]
by Michael E. Gerber, Gerber Michael E. (Narrator)

Quality: 32Kbps
Audio CD
Publisher: HarperAudio; Abridged edition (January 1, 2005)
ISBN: 0060759240

From Booklist
How can any executive or wannabe executives determine which book offers the best advice? Gerber focuses on the philosophy that netted him big bucks: don’t work in your business, work on it. He extends this idea by way of the example of Sarah, owner of All about Pies, who has hit a roadblock with her business. Reenergizing, he says, means a reconnection with the original passion and vision, usually adopting a different scenario, and that leads to his analysis of seven disciplines that help make a world-class company: leadership, marketing, finances, management, client fulfillment, lead conversion, and lead generation. So, here is, if not the only source of good advice, at least an important source. Barbara Jacobs

From Publishers Weekly
Small business guru and best-selling author Gerber is an enthusiastic champion of small business owners, and his constant cheering underlies this latest attempt to provide a comprehensive plan for entrepreneurial success. The key messages here are similar to those of his previous books (The E-Myth Revisited, etc.): that “knowing how to do the work of a business has nothing to do with building a business that works”; that entrepreneurs learn their skills through practice, practice, practice; and that anyone willing to adopt that same kind of discipline can be successful too. These principles are sound and practical, but Gerber’s articulation of them is often cloying. His book relies heavily on Platonic dialogues with his ‘student’ Sarah, the ever misty-eyed owner of a business called All About Pies. But the quasi-romantic tenor of their conversations is irritating. Equally distracting is Gerber’s impassioned mid-book confession detailing how even as he was succeeding as a small business guru, he was being sued for fraud, teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and seriously not in control of his own far-from-excellent small company. While this confession lends credibility to his knowledge-he has personally been to the brink of small business failure and back-it may plant seeds of doubt within skeptical readers. But, ultimately, those who overlook this skepticism and plow through the soul-searching assignments that make up the first 66 pages of the book will be rewarded. For Gerber’s volume provides a wealth of practical guidelines, charts, forms (available online) and instructions on how to run, improve and manage a business of any size. And, by the end, readers will feel as though they’ve been given a full course of one-on-one coaching sessions with Gerber. For all its flaws, this is a book with a business plan that anyone could implement…and should want to.


Disc 1.
1. harper audio presents e-myth mastery
2. introduction
3. part one: the e-myth entrepreneur
4. chapter one: the e-myth point of view
5. but wait, you say…
6. chapter two: passion, purpose, and practice
7. passion is at the heart…

Disc 2.
1. chapter three: the reluctant entrepreneur
2. chapter four: the little girl who wanted to write a book
3. chapter five: the reluctant coach
4. chapter six: creating the room to create
5. chapter seven: the heart of the matter
6. chapter eight: wrestling with a stranger

Disc 3.
1. chapter nine: the purpose of power
2. e-myth mastery part two: the 7 essential disciplines
3. chapter one: the discipline of the enterprise leader
4. the first assignment
5. the second assignment
6. the third assignment
7. the fourth assignment
8. the fifth assignment
9. chapter two: the discipline of the marketing leader

Disc 4.
1. so let’s get back…
2. the first assignment
3. the second assignment
4. the third assignment
5. chapter three: the discipline of the financial leader
6. everything I’m sharing with you…
7. january 1986 saw the beginning
8. 1987 saw the beginning…

Disc 5.
1. we reached an agreement with the d.a.
2. the first assignment
3. the second assignment
4. the third assignment
5. chapter four: the discipline of the management leader
6. the senior vice president…
7. the first assignment
8. the second assignment
9. the third assignment
10. chapter five: the discipline of the client fulfillment leader
11. the first assignment

Disc 6.
1. the second assignment
2. the third assignment
3. chapter six: the discipline of the lead conversion leader
4. the first assignment
5. the second assignment
6. the third assignment
7. the fourth assignment
8. chapter seven: the discipline of the lead generation leader
9. the first assignment
10. the second assignment
11. the third assignment
12. epilogue
13. thank you from harper audio


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