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Michael E Gerber – The Emyth Guru

Michael E Gerber – The Emyth Guru [MP3]
[3 CDs (15 MP3s)]

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This is something I wanted because it has to do with Systems & Procedures for a project I am working on, but it wasn’t big enough to do a GB. So I bought it and thought I would share it here.

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The E-myth Guru: How Entrepreneurs and Managers Can Use Systems and Procedures to Support Their Vision

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When it comes to running your own business the last thing you want to do is fail, yet the stark reality is that 80% of new businesses do fail. Michael Gerber is the author of the bestselling books for small business owners, The E-Myth and E-Myth Mastery. He shows us that most businessess fail because of a crisis of vision that creates an uncontrolled flurry of misdirected activity. In this programme he will show you how to clear a path for getting back to the basic disciplines for business success. The E-Myth credo is spelled out here over 3 CDs, featuring Michael live on stage in front of an audience of business owners. He describes what it is that entrepreneurs really do, what they really don’t do, what they should never do and what they need to do in order to create a successful money making business with less effort, whilst living and enjoying their life to the full.


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