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Michael Eaves – Successful Nonverbal Communication: Principles and Applications 5th edition

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Successful Nonverbal Communication: Principles and Applications demonstrates how knowledge of nonverbal messages can affect successful communication in the real world. Now with fifteen chapters, the fifth edition draws students in through applications of the latest nonverbal communication research and through current examples of celebrities, sports, and politicians. This extensive revision describes nonverbal cues and their desirable and undesirable functions while offering original tests for measuring and developing nonverbal communication skills. Updates include new attention to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, and discussion of nonverbal communication within same-sex partnerships.


I found this book very useful in College and in everyday life. A lot of the information in here was easy to understand and it did not read like a textbook. It had just the right amount of written text and pictures to keep me interested and finish every chapter in one sitting. If the person below did not like this book, they most likely did not do well in the class and is rationalizing his or her poor grade on the book instead of the effort they put into class. I especially liked all the exercises that were in the book because they give the student/reader a practical standpoint to understand the material for those who may be visual learners.

Coming from a military background and learning about deception in the Army I enjoyed the chapter on Deception the most. Currently I have also been working in management for a major corporation and I feel another great chapter that the authors cover is Impression Management and people/students should pay close attention to both of those chapters if they want to be successful in their careers and life. I highly recommend this book to everyone!


I had to use this book for one of my communication classes in college and had to work a lot with it.
Speaking frankly: This book is a big disappointment to me. Altough it has a lot of interesting theories and methods for successful communicators (these are the two stars of the rating), it is written in a very boring, dry and mostly difficult way. It is a struggle to read chapter after chapter without falling asleep. Every two pages I wanted to close the book and continue reading other books from from my major.
Most frustrating is the fact that the authors took most of the information/content of the book from different sources, studies and researches. It is useful to quote content from other sources but seriously: it can’t be that nearly the complete work is based on other peoples sources. There are a few examples or interviews the authors did by their own, but besides that…well I already told you above.
I cannot recommend you to buy this book, if you are looking for an efficient way to become a better nonverbal communicator. If you need it for school, I am trully sorry for you.

436 pages
Publisher: Routledge; 5 edition (October 3, 2017)

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