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Michael Gerber – Emyth Mastery Impact Plus Coaching Program –

Emyth Mastery Impact Plus Coaching Program
[Advanced Modules (31 Workbooks) (PDF)]

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The Initial Mastery Impact Coaching Program is 12 months long, where this Impact Plus program is an additional 6 months of Coaching.

Advertising and Public Relations
Client Fulfillment Tools
Financial Module
Lead Conversion Tools
System Tools For Managers
Understanding your Markets

Since uploading Emyth Mastery Impact, and Impact Plus, we have had what seems to be a lot of people interested in the programs.

This literally took us 18 months to go through…and they only deliver the modules 1 month in advance…so it was a little painful…but now we have 100% of the course.

The entire coaching program that I just uploaded cost us over $24,000…though is reduced to less than 700 mb of material in digital form. I think that most that download this program will realize its huge value.  I hope you all get a ton of value!  Enjoy.


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