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Mike Brooks – The Complete Book of Phone Scripts

Mike Brooks – The Complete Book of Phone Scripts
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Mike Brooks – The Complete Book of Phone scripts

The “Complete Book of Phone scripts” will show you how! This book covers everything from “Cold To Close!” You’ll Get:

scripts for Cold Calling.

   * scripts for getting past the Gatekeeper
   * scripts to avoid being brushed off
   * scripts to handle the initial resistance you get like:
   * “I’m Not Interested”
   * “We already have a supplier”
   * “We/I don’t have the budget”
   * “Just send your information”

And you’ll get The Complete System on how to generate a Qualified Lead, including:

   * The Five Elements of a Qualified Lead
   * scripted Questions to uncover:
   * “The Buying Motive”
   * “The Potential objections”
   * “The Real Decision Maker”
   * “The Decision Process”
   * “The Budget”

Plus You’ll learn

   * “How to Ask Layering Questions to reveal hidden objections”
   * “How to Use Assumptive Questions”
   * “The winning Voice Mail Techniques”
   * “How to send Emails that get returned”
   * “scripted questions for Incoming Leads”
   *  And So Much More!

I’ve also packed this book with Killer Closing scripts!

Closing scripts Include:

Initial Blow Off scripts like:

   * “I looked it over and I’m/we’re not interested”
   * “I don’t have the time right now”
   * “We looked at your material and this just isn’t for us right now”
   * “We already have a supplier or dealer or service person”
   * Sample Opening scripts that create interest
   * Instant Close scripts

Learn the 5-Step Method of Answering objections!

   * Learn to question and isolate objections
   * Learn to cut through Smokescreens!
   * Stop talking past the close
   * Stop introducing new objections!

Plus: 42 Proven Closes Completely scripted!

   * “I Need To Talk To…”
   * “The Price is Too High”
   * “I Already Have a Company I Work With”
   * “I Want To Think About It”
   * “We Don’t Have the Budget”
   * “I Can Get A Better Deal Elsewhere”
   * “I Don’t Do Business Over the Phone”
   * “It’s Too Risky”
   * “I’m Just Going to Pass On This”



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