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Mike Rhodes, Agencysavvy – Adwords Fundamentals

[GB] Mike Rhodes – Adwords Fundamentals [Agencysavvy]
[(11 MP4 + 1 PDF)]

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Mike Rhodes – Adwords Fundamentals

New to Google Adwords?

This short (2 hour) course will get you from absolute beginner to knowing what to do inside your Adwords account.

And more importantly – WHY!

We’ll walk through all the major concepts, lingo, tactics & strategies in ten bite-sized modules.

Covering: The big picture, a guided tour, knowing your goals, using keywords, writing ads, building campaigns, tracking conversions, optimising your account & even a sneak peek at some more advanced topics.

Course outcome:

Know your way around Google’s new Adwords interface – never be overwhelmed or confused again.

Understand how all the pieces of Adwords fit together, so you have the confidence to run your own account.

Know how to write great ad copy & what to test.

Understand how to track conversions so you can increase profit & cut out waste.

Dip your toe into more advanced Adwords strategies, like automated bidding & remarketing.


   Big Picture
   Learn the Lingo & a Guided Tour of the New Interface
   Knowing Your Business & Marketing Goals
   Finding & Understanding Keywords
   Writing Great Ads
   Understanding Ad Groups
   Building Campaigns
   Conversion Tracking
   Introduction to Ongoing Optimisation
   Getting More Advanced (Bidding Options, Negative keywords, Ad Extensions, Remarketing)
   Bonus Module – Mike talks Remarketing at Business Blueprint



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