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Mike (Unknown) – Video Sales Letter Guru Notes/Transcript

Mike (Unknown) – Video Sales Letter Guru Notes.pdf
[OCRd Screen Captures (PDF)]

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OCRd screengrabbed transcripts created from all 21 FLV videos from Video Sales Letter Guru – .

This document contains the ACTIONABLE text screen captured & OCRd from Video Sales Letter Guru video. Most of the 1781 individual slides are captured.

I merged the materials into a single PDF.

This transcript is for everyone who wants to use the methods but not want to bother manually writing notes from 1781 individual slides. The transcripts also save from having to re-watch the videos over and over again each time you want to use the materials, since there are no transcripts in the product itself.

I captured these for my own use in December of last year. Was reluctant to share out of respect for the creator of the product. But since only 135 have grabbed the original product my guess is the author over delivered — there are too many slides to get through– that not many are recommending the product to others.

Do NOT upload this anywhere else. Is BizLearning exclusive from me to you.

Also, I selfishly uploaded in case I ever lose another hard drive. This material is too valuable and too time-consuming to risk the hassle of having to redo the screen capture OCR ever again.

BTW, all text was ‘grabbed’ and OCRd using AbbYY Screenshot Reader by me personally. Yes. Time-consuming. So do not share elsewhere.

Some of the less important, non-actionable content is deliberately excluded from the OCR captures. Other points I may have unintentionally missed. So feel free to grab the product and watch the videos yourself, to make up for any actionable portions I may have missed.


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