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MJ DeMarco – Unscripted: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship –

MJ DeMarco – Unscripted Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship
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*** Exclusive ***

Unscripted: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship
Written by: MJ DeMarco
Narrated by: Scott Thomas
Length: 17 hrs and 31 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date: 19/Jun/2017
Publisher: Viperion Corporation
eBook (Epub/Mobi/Azw3) here:

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Publisher’s Summary

You live in your dream house, but there’s no mortgage. No alarm clock, no boss, no bills. No claims on the day’s time other than what you choose. It is making more money before breakfast than you made for an entire week at your last job. It is a crazy expensive car parked in your garage, a victorious symbol that your dreams no longer sleep in fantasies, but are awake with reality.

Make no mistake, this life exists. I know, because it has been mine for nearly 20 years. And in a few short years, it can be yours as well. Better, you won’t need 5 tedious decades of thankless jobs, buzz killing frugality, and patient investing with our trusted friends on Wall Street.
Unfortunately, you have been scripted to believe that such a life is out of your reach, or only possible for a certain type of person. Someone with a certain college degree, a certain amount of VC funding, or a certain contact list of connected friends from Stanford. I am here to tell you, that none of it is true.

While I have been entrepreneur most of my life, I am no one special. You won’t read about me over at Tech Crunch or in some Silicon Valley newsletter. While I have been an internet entrepreneur since the old “you’ve got mail” AOL days, I have never been funded by venture capitalists, I have never had a payroll with more than 5 people on it, and I have never studied computer science at school.

Despite this, I have created profitable businesses that create the type of Unscripted life described above. We are talking five- and six-figure monthly profits with valuations in the millions. Although I have had two successful exits, do not let that scare you; it is just a welcome side effect of the process.

So, if you are ready for the challenge, get ready for a sh*t-your-pants revelation that everything you have been taught is bullsh*t. Legendary bullsh*t.

Paradigm shift? Heck no. A paradigm shift won’t stop a sinking Titanic. The problem is the paradigm itself. You have allowed the paradigm to set the rules, call the shots, and dictate the decisions. The problem is, you have allowed ordinary thinking preached by ordinary people to produce exactly that; an ordinary life.

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©2017 MJ DeMarco (P)2017 Viperion Corporation

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