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Motley Fool – Rule Breakers (Jan 2014)

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What one of the world’s “most widely followed stock advisors” thinks you should buy now…

Discover the stocks one early investor in AOL,, Baidu, and countless other monstrous growth stories is recommending you buy today…

One of America’s most trusted stock pickers is convinced that right now is the perfect time to buy growth stocks.

But why should you trust him — especially when growth stocks have been on a tear since the market bottom?

Well, let’s just say this isn’t the first time this maverick investor has recommended growth stocks when many hot shots on Wall Street are declaring it’s time to sell.

Let’s go back to 2005…

At that time, he recommended robotic surgery specialist Intuitive Surgical to a small group of opportunistic investors.

At the time, shares were trading for $44.17. One year prior, shares sold for $17.46, and a year before that they were selling for just $8.68.

You read that right… Intuitive Surgical had risen 500% in the two years before he recommended it — and that scared lesser investors off.

But this investor recognized that Intuitive Surgical was both “top dog” and “first mover” in its industry and still had plenty of room to run…

Shares recently traded as high as $595, meaning those who followed his lead are sitting on a whopping 1,247% gain.

And this wasn’t just some sort of lucky break or fluke, either.

You see, this investor first caught the financial media’s attention when he recommended AOL in the summer of 1994 — after it had quadrupled in just 12 short months.

Of course, the story is the same with AOL — he recognized it as both a top dog and a first mover in an important emerging industry and knew it was only getting started.

Six years later, AOL was a 100-bagger, turning every $10,000 invested into a whopping $1 million — and this growth investor into a living legend.

So who is this man?

You may have already guessed that I’m talking about David Gardner — co-founder of The Motley Fool. After all, he’s pretty well-known…

You’ve probably seen David on CNBC discussing his favorite growth stocks with some of the nation’s other top-tier equity analysts… or you’ve read one of his many best-selling investment books…

Or maybe you’re just familiar with some of his remarkable stock recommendations… eBay in 1999… Starbucks in 1998… AOL in 1994… Amgen in 1998… Amazon in 1997.

Regardless, it’s not hard to see why says he’s “among the most widely followed stock advisors in the world.”

Motley Fool Rule Breakers is the newsletter service he founded in 2004 to help growth investors profit from his experience and unique ability to recognize a “game changer” before it takes off.

What you’ll get monthly when you join Motley Fool Rule Breakers today:

2 High-Growth Stock Opportunities: Every month, you’ll be among the first to get two stocks that David Gardner and his team of growth analyst believe have what it takes to become the Googles or Apples of tomorrow.

Best Buys Now: We look at our scorecard monthly and share the five most timely investment ideas with you — whether it’s a falling price, or a short-term catalyst, we let you know where your money would best be invested.


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