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Mr. X – Money Making Secrets

Mr. X Money-Making_Secrets of_Marketing Genius_Jay Abraham_and_Other Marketing_Wizards – Jay Abraham
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“Money-Making Secrets of Marketing Genius

Jay Abraham and Other Marketing Wizards

A No-Nonsense Guide to Great Wealth and Personal Fortune “


I’m Jay Abraham. You may have heard of me, or this could be your first exposure to me.

Whatever you’ve read or are predisposed to, I humbly submit that for more than 25 years I have been working with small and medium-sized businesses (although I have had a few dozen Fortune 500 clients as well). My experience has been unique. No other consultant in the history of the world has had the opportunity to be an emissary to such a vast array of businesses.

Several years ago, I met a man who has become known as Mr. “X.” He was a remarkably success-driven man – running a deserving little business in the Midwest who was struggling to get closer to the vision he had for his fledgling enterprise.

I liked him the first time I talked to him. He had a vision, integrity and a historic perspective on life, humanity, and economic theory that fueled his huge ambition. More importantly, he had a vision for his business that was giant and good and worthwhile – not merely for him, but for his customers as well.

I got bitten by his bug and bought into his dream. Over the next five years we took his little fledgling company from $300,000 in gross sales to a peak of $500,000,000. He made millions.
So too, did I. Then we parted – friends – and went our separate ways. I advised a lot more companies. He started and invested in a lot of companies. And he wrote a best-selling book on entrepreneurship.
We kept lightly in touch and always talked about trying to do something together, but just couldn’t find a project we both could get excited about. He liked start-ups; I liked leveraging already-existing businesses.

One day in jest – (I thought) – he kiddingly said he’d decided to take the five years of hands-on education and instruction I’d personally given him, along with the experiential understanding he’d gained by actually applying, implementing and successfully incorporating my methods in all his business activities – and create a “tell-all,” “teach-all,” “knock-off’ version of my very expensive publications and tapes that was better organized, better presented, better clarified and better explained so people could apply my methods more successfully and easily.
I thought, at first, that he was kidding. But I found out he was not.

Mr. “X” was dead serious. He took the project upon himself almost like a crusader on a mission. But, he did it behind my back. I don’t really believe his intent was covert or diabolical – actually, the result was quite benevolent and invaluable to the public, and it became the greatest testimonial to my work ever written – as you will see when you enter and begin to study the text of this book.

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Mr. X Money Making Secrets eBook

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