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Myra Salzer – The Cabin: Building a Family-of-Affinity Office

Myra Salzer – The Cabin – Building a Family-of-Affinity Office
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Myra Salzer – The Cabin: Building a Family-of-Affinity Office

Taking responsibility for and integrating with newly acquired wealth goes way beyond financial planning and investment management.

The Cabin is a fun, informative look at how the near-perfect family office is possible by placing the members in the forefront and viewing overhead and employees as investments rather than costs. It is a journey of discovery, as three colleagues team up, tap the greatest minds in the family-office industry, and assemble all of the collected wisdom into an enjoyable structure.

Readers with existing family offices will take away ideas on improving operations for the benefit of family and staff; those in the process of forming a new family office will learn how to start off on the right foot and contribute to their family’s joyful wealth for generations to come.

The stories are true. The facts are concise. And the mission is to help readers see a broader horizon of possibilities for the family office and show the members how to achieve their ambitions.



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