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Neil Rackham – Spin Selling

Neil Rackham – SPIN Selling
[1 Audiobook (MP3) + 2 Part Summary (PDF)]

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by Neil Rackham

This was uploaded from the bitme tracker – but is a very important reading (or in this case listening) if you ever want to sell high ticket items or want to be premium priced in your market.

My first introduction to SPIN Selling when a copywriter mentioned it was how some ‘pro’ copywriters managed to get $15,000-$25,000 for a “sales letter”.

But the thing is – they weren’t selling ‘a sales letter’. The guys who sell high priced items upfront (From ‘copywriters’ to fortune 500 high tech b2b sales etc.) are using this process of S.P.I.N. selling.

The whole idea is S = situation. P = problem. I = implication. N = need/pay off.

In step 2 of the selling process (‘Investigation’ step) SPIN selling is the way top performers naturally sell high ticket items so well. Rackham broke the process of what made the difference between high ticket sales being made or lost, and this process was occuring in all the successes. You’ll hear about the research done in the audios.

The BIG IDEA behind what makes SPIN selling work is, as Barney Zick has been saying for YEARS at Jay Abrahams training –> “Don’t sell them before they buy. Don’t sell them until they’ve bought”

SPIN Selling is a process of asking certain questions, which are the ‘catalysts’ to make people see the VALUE in what you’re offering so it IS worth more than $15,000 or even the $25,000 they are going to give you.

And the beauty part of this process is…your not to ask for the order until the prospect EXPLICITLY stated they NEED what you are offering.

(There’s a difference between Implicit and Explicit needs and almost no one recognizes you need to turn IMPLICIT needs into EXPLICIT needs through the process of asking certain questions…namely – Situation questions, Problem questions, Implication questions, and then Need/Pay off questions.

It’s a process. It takes practice.

Anyways, just wanted to let you know what it’s all about, but the audios will explain alot more.

*I’ve included 2 PDF summaries you can read before you listen to the Audio by a High Tech company. They really helped prep me for the audios when I listened to them.

A couple reviews from Amazon below:

“My bachelor’s degree is in Computer Science, and I’m preparing to start my MBA studies within a year. I hope to start my own business one day and I knew I needed to generate revenues. But there was only one problem…

…I had no idea how to sell professionally.

I had already read a few books by Tom Hopkins, but felt he was targeting used-car salesmen types. It seems as though Hopkins’ techniques relied on “closing” gimmicks when it came down to it. (I must say I did learn some good principles from Hopkins, but his gimmicky style is not for me.)

I was instantly attracted to SPIN SELLING when I saw that (1) it was based on extensive research, and (2) it dealt primarily with the large sale. Since I want to start my own corporation after my MBA, and want to have Fortune-500 companies as my customers, I realized SPIN SELLING was for me.

SPIN SELLING is simply a great handbook on large-sale tactics. Rackham shows how the “closing techniques” used in smaller sales severely damage the success of large sales. He then introduces the SPIN model (Situation, Problem, Implication, and Need-payoff).

Although before reading the book I never considered myself a “salesman”, I realized afterwards that I was already using Rackham’s techniques in other areas of my life — and having a great deal of success. For example, as a professional IT consultant, I was using (unbeknownst to me) these tactics to legitimately perpetuate my client billings.

Selling is essentially obtaining another person’s commitment. Commitments that deal with the purchase of good or services is only one type of commitment. Thus, you can use these tactics/techniques any time you’re wanting to obtain another person’s commitment.

If your desire is to sell large-value goods or services to sophisticated and intelligent buyers then SPIN SELLING is the tactical handbook you need. This book isn’t about gimmicks to trick or pressure the customer into buying. This is professional, high-class selling.

After I read SPIN SELLING I immediately bought Rackham’s “MAJOR ACCOUNT SALES STRATEGY”. Thus, I now have a tactical handbook and a strategy handbook that are based on the same principles and extensive research.

I’ve found the SPIN model to be highly effective in my life.”

“I am a corporate sales professional. That means that I don’t do “hit and run,” one-time sales. Tom Hopkins and Zig Ziglar offer great tactics for those kind of salespeople, but they don’t work for me. Neil Rackham has hit one out of the park with Spin Selling. Turning everything I “thought” I knew about closing on its head, he provides the power tools for making the most of a sales call. The most important concept here is that you, as a sales rep. are not there when the real decisions get made. Therefore, you must arm your prospects with the tools to represent your company well in your absence. Rackham does not disappoint. You will get all the tools you need to prepare your prospect to close the sale for you from this book. I give all of my salespeople Strategic Selling by Miller, Heiman, et. al. and Spin Selling as the ultimate combination of strategic and tactical approaches to corporate selling. Stop throwing commissions away. If you consider yourself a true corporate sales professional, you have no business ignoring this book.”


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