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NFG SEO Rockstars 2019 Seminar Support Files

SEO IA Rockstars 2019 – Slides and more
[17 Recipes (PDF/CSV), 396 Slides (JPG)]

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NFG SEO Rockstars 2019 Seminar Support Files

This is part II of this upload:
NFG SEO Rockstars 2019 Seminar Video Recordings

These are the support files such as slides and PDF files with recipes for the speakers at the November 2019 SEO Rockstars Seminar.

At the same time this Seminar was happening, Kyle Roof left the SEO Intelligence Agency in order to join forces with IMG (Internet Marketing Gold).  So unfortunately this left SEO IA in a messy situation being minus one of the principals.  Luckily they have brought in SEO expert Clint Butler to right the ship and are now back on track.

Due to this breakup, these support file took months to get curated and finally uploaded.  

After downloading the files we found the naming conventions were a mess.  We spent hours renaming files and directories so it would follow the workflow of the original videos.

Very sorry for the delay.

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