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Niccolo Testa (TransparentFX) – Daily Market Breakdowns and Q&A

Niccolo Testa (TransparentFX) – Daily Market Breakdowns and Q&A
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Niccolo Testa (TransparentFX) – Daily Market Breakdowns and Q&A

I have ripped all skype calls, daily market breakdowns and Q&A available on the TransparentForex site since Oct 2019. There were no videos earlier than that.


This GB includes:
– TransparentFX Mentorship Programme – expert in swing trading with 3R to 5R profits per trade
– Blue Capital Academy Forex Training by Ken Ibizugbe who turned $985 to $100k in 3 days trading forex – see screenshots of results of Blue Capital Academy in March 2020 (from

– Forex Volcano:
– 30 Pips Daily:

This is a result of the GB for TransparentFX Mentorship Programme + Blue Capital Academy FX Training

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