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Nick Radge – Every-Day Traders Australia: Australians Who Successfully Trade for a Living

Nick Radge – Every-Day Traders Australia Australians Who Successfully Trade for a Living.epub
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Can an individual make a living trading the Australian financial markets?

Whilst other books have interviewed big name traders, I wanted this book to come from the perspective of traders who can provide a yardstick and help set achievable goals for new traders working from a home office. Having three Bloomberg terminals, (one for the bedroom, one for the bathroom and one for the yacht) might be exciting reading but it’s also pointless in helping you achieve your trading goals. Can a Mum or Dad trader, here in Australia, really be successful without being backed by a bank or having to spend a fortune on technology and support personnel? In other words, can individuals make a living from trading Australian markets and if so, who really does it and how? What equipment do real Australian traders working for themselves use for trading? Where do they get their information? How did they start? What do they trade? How do they cope when they’re losing? What is possible and what is needed to be successful at this level?

With my experience I felt I could ask the appropriate questions for you and get some real answers from successful Australian traders. If you ask someone what they do for a living and they say they are a trader, it conjures up images of a glamorous, high risk and reckless lifestyle. But is it really like that? Maybe, maybe not.

This book was originally released in 2003 by Wrightbooks. Whilst technology has continued to change since then the methods mentioned and the styles of trading still exist and we continue to learn a lot from them. The times and dates mentioned in the interviews relate to when the book was first released in 2003. This does not make the lessons any less valuable.

-Nick Radge

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