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Norgate Premium Data (updated 2018-07-27) – Futures, Forex, US Stocks (incl. delisted)

Norgate data, 2018-07-27
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The latest daily data from Norgate (updated 2018-07-27), covering:

– Futures markets, including continuous and actual contracts (going back as far as 1977)
– US stocks, delisted issues, included indexes
– Forex

Product details, with precise issues and dates included:……

Some of this was previously posted last year. This is an updated version, and includes the futures markets and forex data that they provide. Previous archives:

Uncompressed, the data is in CSV format with Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Open Interest, and Ticker. If you have a need for the original exe format, please comment.

This post uses BZ2 archives to compress the data, and the archives are split so that you can choose a subset of it if you wish. The staff has agreed to the archive format due to the size of the data. Uncompressed, the data is roughly 6 times larger and represents 71,439 files.

** staff approved archives **

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